Varsity Match 2018

6th December 2018

Fan Cup

Twickenham Stadium introduced the re-usable Fan Cup as a solution to the flimsy disposables previously used. During an international event more than 140,000 pints of beer are served, which resulted in 140,000 cups being thrown away in a day and drinks were constantly being spilt due to the flimsy material. Now, not only do the Fan Cups help to make us a more sustainable venue, they have also become a souvenir for visitors on a match day.

How much does it cost?
There is a refundable deposit of £1.

How does the Fan Cup work?
When buying the first pint, customers will be charged a refundable deposit for the Twickenham Fan Cup.

Upon returning the cup to the bar for another drink, you can exchange your empty Fan Cup for a fresh one to avoid being charged a second deposit.

At the end of the day customers can bring the Fan Cup back to any bar or dedicated redemption point. Deposit redemption points are located near to the exits of Twickenham Stadium and some bars will accept returns after the game.

Alternatively the Fan Cup may be taken home as a souvenir of the day or deposited into a charity bin on site with the total going to a chosen charity.

The Result
The Twickenham Fan Cup has provided:

A cleaner stadium and significantly reduced the waste leaving the stadium.
A quality cup to enjoy a drink at no extra cost.
A value souvenir to remember your experience at Twickenham Stadium.

The rules
If you intend to redeem your cups please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Failure to provide a receipt may resort in refusal.

Only 10 cups can be refunded by one person from all redemption points. Anything over 10 cups must provide a receipt of proof of purchase which is compulsory.

Only persons over the age of 18 may redeem the fan cup. Proof of ID may be required.

Redemption booths
The Fan Cups can be redeemed at the following locations:

2 x Gate A (Exit from the British Airways Fan Village - close to the Rugby Store)
1 x Lift 3 (West)
1 x Lift 4 (North)
1 x Gate F (South-East)
2 x British Airways Fan Village (West)

Bars that will change over to redemption ONLY from 15 minutes before full time.

Guinness patch - North East level 1
Black Stuff - North West level 1
1871 Main bar - South East level 1
2003 Side bar - South West level 1

Purchase tickets

Tickets are available to book online.