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A day in the life of Matthew Davies

We speak to Matthew Davies, Executive Head Chef at Twickenham to get his take on catering and hospitality at the stadium.

Name: Matthew Davies

Job title: Executive Head Chef

Number of years at Twickenham: Almost three years

Favourite food: Comfort food! My mums Shepherd's pie is the best.

So, tell us what your job involves… Motivating and guiding my team to deliver a fantastic dining experience and managing the thousands of details that go with it!

You have a busy time coming up with a little 'tournament'. How many people do you expect to cater for over this period and how do you prepare? For the opening match we are catering for approximately 5500 customers, that could be in excess of 50,000 people by the end of the tournament. Scary to think but it's just numbers. Preparation begins by scrutinising all of the information, sourcing our products and building a plan to prepare and deliver a successful event. You have to be very open minded as things change constantly, when it does we simply adapt, overcome and move on to the next task.

Tell us about your favourite event you have catered for… My favourite event will probably be the one coming up! We have spent months planning and preparing for the ten games at Twickenham, to think that everyone will be focusing on us for tournament makes me immensely proud and nervous in the same breath.

What's the highlight of working at Twickenham? The highlight of working at Twickenham is the satisfaction we get from clients coming to Twickenham, having a great day and enjoying great food, this makes me happy.

We have to ask… are there any negatives? No not that I can think of, working in any kitchen environment is tough at the best of times, I enjoy doing my job and that makes it easier to digest the hard times.

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